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Plan B

I will no longer hang in other people’s pockets, where I am squeezed into a ball, but I cannot ask any questions no matter how hard the pinch, because my life depends on somebody.
I will no longer walk in the shadows of someone who has no good intentions and relishes in rendering me useless, just because my life depends on it.
No, I must have a plan B. I must create a window in my life just in case the only door closes and I am left stuck in the rut, like a fish out of water.

I will not be afraid to start the journey on my own, to ask a little help here and there but always with a Plan B in mind. Human beings can be so helpful one minute but a good person today might turn out vindictive tomorrow.

I will keep my friends but will also leave room for the ones who want to go. People are so judgemental and a confidant today might want nothing to do with you tomorrow.

I will not cling to people who have power or influence because they may not be there tomorrow. I must think of a Plan B that will make me my own person.

Oh, to move in the world without a Plan B may result in such desperate measures where one could be forced to lose one’s dignity to merely gain a favour. I will not be taken in by a smile for whatever it is worth, but I trust my Plan B because it will be with me long after the smile fades away.

I may not be the type to drink out with the boys or play golf with those who matter ahead of my promotion, but my little Plan B will work for me.

My Plan B gives me strength to take the plunge and to know that whatever the risk I take in life, I will always have something to fall back on. My Plan B.