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The silly things women do for love

If you have never done anything silly for love, then tonight at midnight is the right time to do it. Love is a silly  thing so do not even feel shy or apologetic about it. The moment you try to be reasonable about love, it just fly out of the window. So a fully dressed man will ask a woman to strip naked and dance for him as he sits lazily on the couch and watches and she will do it. That is just how silly  love happens to be.

Women do silly things for love. A woman loves and  marries a stranger and entrusts him with her life without even digging a bit of his background.  A woman, on her way home from the market will meet a stranger at the bus-stop and the moment the silly word “love” comes up, she will jump into the bus with him to his house and become his wife. Once she loves, she does not care whether this is a murderer who could strangle her or a criminal who has escaped from prison and is on the trail of police.

Women leave their high flying careers  to stay at home because love demands that a married woman should not work. “If you really love me, stay at home and be my housewife. Wash my clothes, iron my shirts, make my meals, spread my bed, brush my teeth, flash my toilet, bear my children,” says a loving, doting husband.  And so today some women will be handing in resignation letters in many offices to follow their lovers to the ends of the earth. “Why are you resigning, without giving a notice? You seemed to be doing rather well?” The Boss will ask, perplexed. “Oh, you see, I love my husband  very much and I want to keep our marriage together.” But then again, let’s just say it is love.

“If you love me you must love my mother,”  a loving  man demands of a woman he loves. A silly thing to do but forgivable after all for the sake of  this adorable thing called love. So a woman spends all her life loving her mother-in-law instead of her husband. Hey, don’t complain no matter how nasty she is to you. It is the true test of love.

One of the silly things that women do for love is to change their lifestyle to please the man they love. When a man says he loves something, she says she loves it too. When her man says he hates something, he says he hates it too. This ranges from  food, dressing and entertainment. Women bleach their skins with mercury, they go for slim-possible classes, they swallow slimming pills and ageless pills, they undergo breast uplifts just to look a bit younger and nicer and silly enough to be loved. Many women have heavy debts in salons as they go out of their way and budgets to appear attractive to their men.

A woman will forgive her lecherous man for the umpteenth time for adultery. “Forgive my debauchery. It is not my fault. I told her you are my wife but she kept coming on to me. You are the one I love. The others are just sparewheels.”

Women go out of their way to travel round the world visiting medicinemen. They put certain herbs in their own urine and mix it with the man’s meals to keep the man’s love, all to themselves. Some insert the herbs in their private parts to control their men through a love spell as advised by their witchdoctors. Many men do not know that inside the pillows they lay their heads on are some of the most powerful love potions from a witchdoctor’s cabinet. Oh, the silly things women do for love.

Some women receive their salaries and give their men all their money, while some share joint accounts to give their man the authority to love and control them. She who hides financial secrets from her man does not understand this silly thing called love.

“Now it is time to get off those short skirts and the weave. If you truly love me wear long skirts and keep your hair short.” Women fight over men and tear at each other’s  clothes and bite each other’s breast and necks…it may be silly to you but such is the stuff true love is made of. It is indeed normal for a woman to commit suicide in the world of love when it becomes unbearable to live without the man you love. 

A woman in love is an uncontrollable gossp. She tells her man everything about herself. She gossips about her family, her envious brothers and sisters, she tells her man all her mother and father’s weaknesses…making him hate her family so much, all in the name of love. Later, the man uses this information against her, to mistreat and abuse her…it is this silly thing called love.

Women lose their best female friends in relationships they have cultivated over the years just becuse their lovers do not like their friends. They become absolutely lonely, spending the rest of their lives with one man they love. It only becomes silly when the lover throws them out and there they go looking up for their old female friends again.

Women often lie about their ages to their lovers because this silly animal called love only recognises the young. Love is so silly that when you tell a man you are over 40, he simply disappears from your life. So women who are 40 pretend they are 19 and wear silly baby clothes that make them look younger, all in the name of love. Women hide their identity cards from their lovers to keep their ages a deep secret.

And if you have not done anything silly yet in the name of love, then you are yet to fall in love. It simply means this silly thing called love, so sweet, so irrational yet so useless has not gotten into you.