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My World Water Day: It rained cats and dogs

Today is World Water Day. My “World Water Day” came three weeks back. After a three-month sunny, dusty and  dry spell, the rains  came late in the evening, fast and furious. It carried away with it a lot of debris  to Lake Victoria. The sweet smell of the rains meeting the earth was sweet to my nose. We were excited to see the rains although it pounded fast and furious and we could not hear each other or watch Television. It had not rained for three months when the flash rains came. So you can imagine our joy. I ran to the window and took pictures of the rain although I did not know what colour the photos would produce.

We were surprised to wake up the following day only to find that the flowers were as excited as the rest of us. They had been thristy too. They had come out in their splendour and glory.

Meanwhile the rains did their act. Some serious business, indeed.

I had to quietly sneak to the window, back and forth on barefoot as Mama warned me that I could be struck by lightening. Meanwhile, the thunder roared as if the Heavens would come down.

The rains lulled for a few seconds before it continued with its marathon.

The rains fell against the shutters and shook the trees and indeed confirmed that it had taken over Kisumu City. Meanwhile Mama called me to have a hot cup of tea, if only to get me away from the door. The birds that had been chirruping outside went dead quiet and I prayed they were safe in their nests.

Meanwhile, I stole more quick shots, hoping my camera would not get wet.

And what a wet water day it was! Water is life. Happy World Water Day.

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