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You must be good at something

Some people are good at singing, some people are good at shouting. Some people are good at laughing, others are good at crying. Some people are good at dancing, others are good at walking. Some people are good at speaking and others at maintaining silence. Some people are good at exaggerating while others are good at ignoring. Some people are good at pretending while others are good at helping. Some people are rather good at building while others are so good at destroying. Some are gifted in cooking and others in counting. Some people are so good at loving while others have an equal measure of hating. Whatever the case, you must be good at something or nothing. So whatever you are good at, do it and do it well because nobody will do it for you. If you are good at something then just do the something you are good at and if you are good at nothing then just do the nothing. it is all yours anyway…the doing, I mean! If you are so good at sleeping then sleep. If you are good at laughing, just laugh. You can laugh because life is fun or still laugh at other people’s tragedy because that is what you are good at, that is what makes you happy. The laughter is yours so do it! It is your gift, the gift of what you are good at.  If you are good at roaming, then roam. If you are talented in night-running by all means run, run in the night with the hippos after all it is your legs that will be running, those gifted legs of yours. You can run North, South, East, West wherever your gifted legs will take you. Just run. If you are such a gifted thief that you can lift a kilo of sugar from the Supermarket and hide it between your legs, then steal! Have lots of sugar with your tea. Enjoy! I mean why should anyone stop you, after all it is your mouth that will be drinking the tea. If you are good at being cold and unfriendly to people around you, go right ahead and enjoy it. If your talent is defamation and talking ill of all and sundry, go ahead and perfect the art. It is your talent and there is no reason to regret. Talent is hard to come by so do not waste this thing you are so good at. Whatever the case, don’t just sit there, although we had agreed that you can do nothing since nothing is what you are best at. Whatever the case, Just do it!


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