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Let’s be authentic

Webster’s dictionary defines the term authentic by suggesting three things “authentic” is not; it is not imaginary, it is not false, it is not an imitation. Today, we would say that being authentic means not being phony.

Let’s work hard at being real. This means we are free to question, to admit failure or weakness, to confess wrong, to declare the truth. When a person is authentic, he or she does not have to win or always be in the top ten or make a big impression or look super-duper pious.

Authentic people usually enjoy life more than most. They don’t take themselves so seriously. They actually laugh and cry and think more freely because they have nothing to prove – no big image to protect, no role to play. They have no fear of being found out, because they are not hiding anything. Let’s make this a priority.

(Shared from The Strength of Character – Essentials Traits of a Remarkable Life by Charles R. Swindoll)

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