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Why I did not propose to any man on Leap Year’s Day

Yesterday was Leap Year’s day, or Leap Day as it is officially known, the only day women are allowed to propose to men according to tradition. I was supposed to wear a scarlet petticoat or at least a silk dress.  But I did not propose, friends. I looked around the whole day yesterday till midnight but there were no men around. Sorry, I mean no man worth my salt. It is not as if men were finished. Not at all. The man I should have actually proposed to, the one I love, was nowhere to be found. I cannot say I love him all that much, but at least he has a job and an old car and he is more intelligent than I , so I suspect he can make a good husband. I have not seen this man of mine for the last ten days or so and he has not been answering to my calls or smses. But even if I had found him and proposed, I did not have a scarlet petticoat and I was truly too broke to buy him flowers. So there went another golden chance to get me a husband.

The other man I could have proposed to is already married so I thought about it rather hard and long and I wondered how I could fit into the picture if I married a married man with a married wife. I wanted my own man anyway, my single but elusive man. Leap Day is a day of Romance for women the world over and the word “complicated” was not in my agenda so I dropped the whole idea like hot cake.

To be honest dears, I am a modern woman or rather I consider myself one. But I am not yet hard-eyed enough to propose to a man to marry him. I am an empowered woman, or so I believe but proposing to a man to marry him? Not yet, I think I would grow cold feet. Never mind anyway, let us wait for Leap Day 2016. I might have the courage to propose and my man might be around this time around to hear my proposal. By then, I probably will have saved enough money to buy me a scarlet petticoat. Then I will ask this lucky man whether he can be mine forever; to love, cherish and hold till death us to part! Happy Leap Day to all women who got the courage to propose. Whether you were rejected or not, at least you tried.

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  1. Alfred Sam Oduor (Pastor)

    Your writings, phew! They are marvelous, captivating, and God knows that they are very entertaining. God bless you are you creative keep penning such wonerful, refreshing fictions. Bravo yet again. Sam Oduor

    March 1, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    • Thanks for the compliment Samson. I am deeply touched. God Bless You. I appreciate the encouraging remarks.

      March 1, 2012 at 4:58 pm

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