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A virus called impunity infests Kenya

Talk of jiggers, lice, bedbugs and leeches but a virus called Impunity is in town, infesting Kenyans in their millions at an alarming rate. This virus is the most dangerous of them all, turning Kenyans into walking corpses. Nobody knows its sex or gender or even when it got into town, who brought it, through which international Airport or Sea?

The Impunity virus has no respect for anybody, its conscience died many years before it was born. It is everywhere in the country, ready to wipe out the whole Kenyan generation. There it goes aggresively finding its place among the politicians, doctors, priests, teachers…name them all.

Impunity, this master of pride, pretence and self importance, with not a care in the world for anybody or about anybody or to anybody. Who cares? That is Impunity’s favourite language.

Impunity is wanting to stand up for elections when 600,000 people have been forcefully displaced from their homes under your good leadership and four years later, they cannot return to their homes to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.

Impunity is seeking political leadership when 1300 Kenyans died in violent circumstances under your good leadership and you did nothing about it. Still, impunity virus is in your blood when you called for Mass Action that resulted in deaths, physical and psychological injuries and you refused to step down as a matter of principle. But why do I forget that that the word principle does not exist in Impunity’s dictionary.

The Impunity virus is so painful to behold. It hires youth to commit crime during and calls the same youth to their political prayer rallies to cheer them up on completing their dirty tasks. Impunity is seeking power through unorthodox means, acting with an air of self importance and lack of humility, as if you are the only one entitled to lead the country or else everyone goes to war. Impunity,  you have wasted our youth, you have killed the future of this country, you lack direction.

Impunity is the mother of falsehoods. Impunity with its lack of conscience and without batting an eyelid accuses people of sending their names to one Louis Moreno Ocampo to try them for Rape, Murder and Forceful evictions of persons…our brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. Impunity, you make me so sick. You master of propaganda, who will clear you from the face of the earth? Impunity is being in one Party while championing the rights of a rival one.

Impunity, you have nothing to stand for…it is wealth, wealth and more wealth and then power, power and more power. Greedy virus. If you have to kill to get what you want, so be it. Who cares, you keep repeating. You have grabbed land from the poor, all along the Coastal strip of Kenya. The children of poverty and abuse of power cry out in your name.”Give us back our ancestral land. We live in the streets as squatters? What happened to integrity?” Impunity, you have eaten the Internal Displaced People’s money and you go laughing as if nothing is wrong. The IDPs are rained on, depressed, frustrated as you go driving your powerful cars and attending rallies. Impunity, which vaccine will outsmart you?

Impunity has arrived at the Church, holding prayers for suspects and not victims. Their hands anointed with dirty oil like the Pharisees of old, preaching water and drinking wine. Impunity, you virus, run in the blood of our priests. Raping and sodomising our children as they pretend to rally behind the call to celibacy. Impunity virus, where priests grab tithes and buy empires as their poor flock starve to death.

I see impunity everywhere and it makes me weep. Doctors and nurses letting patients die in casulaty under their very able medical skills because they had no money to foot the bills. A mother dies on the waiting bench at a hospital clinic because she had no money to pay the greedy impunity infested medics. Your cruel inhuman soul will not allow her a chance to live.

Impunity, where lawyers transfer clients property to their names and hold on to clients’ money. Where lawyers who have been deregistered for criminal activities continue practising without a care.

Impunity, where you hate a leader because of their tribe and support a monster because he or she is from your tribe. The impunity virus is deep in our offices where everyone speaks the same language because people with other languages are not human beings and do not deserve a chance in life. Impunity, you make me weep.

Oh how I hate you, you miserable virus. You keep laughing and smiling on television news without a care of the feelings of others. Impunity, the word apology or regret means nothing to you. You dwell in the world of me, I and myself, a world that locks out everybody else except your selfish you.

How I weep for my country because of you! How I pray and hope that we shall find a vaccine to rid ourselves of you!




2 responses

  1. This piece is crafted powerfully. Impunity is indeed a disease which has manifested many countries around the globe. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    March 3, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    • Thanks Maryanne for always stopping by. I appreciate your comments.

      March 4, 2012 at 7:34 pm

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