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Husband disappeared on Valentine’s Day

Jane Vandli is not excited about Valentine’s Day this year. As everyone goes about in excitement buying chocolate and red flowers and making chicken wings in sweet and sour source for dinner, she remains aloof and pessimistic.
Last Valentine’s her husband disappeared from home wearing a red Tee-shirt and only showed up after two days, drunk and arrogant.
On February 14, 2011 Jane Vandli woke up on Saturday morning, cleaned her house and fed her three children breakfast.
She then warmed her husband’s bathing water and called him to the bathroom. He seemed sulky but got up grudgingly and took a bath. Meanwhile, Jane Vandli dressed in red, wore red shoes, prepared a red handbag she had budgeted for ahead of the D-day. She had secretly hoped her ten-year husband would take her out for a date and they would relive their wedding vows. She had also bought him a Valentine watch , a Rolex watch he had often admired.
When Jane Vandli saw her husband wearing a red Tee-shirt she was encouraged. But after breakfast, her husband, who had kept quiet throughout the meal got up abruptly and said,”I will be back shortly”. He got into his car wearing his red bathroom slippers and she assumed he had gone to buy her flowers or a surprise gift.
The surprise gift was not flowers but her husband’s two day absence from home. Jane Vandli  tried to call him desperately but his phone was off. She started hating the woman on phone who kept telling her, “Sorry, the mobile subscriber cannot be reached.”
Jane Vandli waited the whole day, fell asleep on the armchair as she waited for her husband.
“It was one of the most disappointing days of her life. I looked everywhere for him, thinking he had had an accident or been admitted to hospital. When he came back, he did not care. He said it was not my business to look for him, but to cook for the children. That was what he had married me for and stalking him was not part of the deal.” He warned her. Jane Vandli felt so unloved, so uncared for, so humiliated.
For Jane Vandli, Valentine’s Day holds painful memories.  But on second thoughts, rather than have a miserable day, she says the past will not stop her from buying chocolate and dancing to nice nursery rhymes with the children at home. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your children, Jane Vandli.

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  1. A lady will get the gift/​treat of her dreams, another wont care what she gets, while another will be highly disappointed#valentinerealitites

    February 14, 2012 at 6:36 am

    • Thanks Linda. Hope you get the gift and treat of a lifetime. Happy Valentine.

      February 14, 2012 at 7:38 am

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