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A morning at the office

It is another Monday morning at the office. People are suffering from Monday morning blues. Staff are working on their computers or rather pretending to be working. Some colleagues are facebooking and tweeting for the better part of the morning and changing to documents in Word whenever the Boss’s authoritative steps happen by.
Not everyone in the office is here to work. People have come to work with different motives. Some intentions need a priest’s intervention.
Of course some people have come to the office to gossip, others to make life as impossible as possible for colleagues and others to stab people in the back.
Some colleagues are already upstairs in the Boss’s office gossiping and talking ill of others. I can hear the Boss’s loud malicious laughter as he thirstily absorbs malicious information and offers the backstabber another cup of tea and biscuits.
The powerful secretary at the reception is as nasty as ever and will not allow the Boss’s unfavourite staff see him. She is nasty to clients too but they endear themselves to her despite her rudeness because she holds the power and the key to Boss’s office.
Some people have come to work to cause others stress. These sadists get satisfaction from frustrating colleagues. They hide files and documents, fail to pass messages, attend staff meetings without informing you and laugh when you are in trouble. Others are simply here to share their problems and burden colleagues with domestic items best solved in the secrecy of their bedrooms. Some people are here to borrow money by creating heart-rending sympathetic tales while others have been drawn to work by the 10 oclock tea. Others are so broke they will pretend they have lost a parent so people can donate for them funeral expenses.
But some colleagues are just wonderful and so supportive, making the Monday blues go swiftly away. Their bright cheerful smiles make the burden of work lighter, their laughter makes the office the merrier. And these are the ones who make my day and happen to make the world go round. Have a Happy Monday!

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