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Keep this man, children tell mother

Three children have implored their mother not to abandon their present father, terming him very good. Jackson, 6, Maria, 5, and Otis, 4, were heard telling their mother, “Mum, please keep this daddy. We prefer him to all the other daddies we have had.”

The children who have matured a lot faster than their age pleaded with their mother not to get remarried. “Mum, this father is good. He is not as bad as the other father who used to beat you like a donkey,” the eldest child Jackson advised his mother.

“Yes. Don’t move again. We like it here and we specially like this new daddy. He fried for us seven eggs while the other daddy used to deny us food,” said Maria, 5. “He is good, he is good!”Otis repeats talking in a mature voice yet he is only 4.

“Our other daddy used to drink so much and beat us! But we like this one. He does not beat anyone!” Says Jackson.

“Wow, our new daddy is rich.  He has a bicycle,” says a delighted Maria as they all burst into delighted laughter.

These three children have had four daddies in the last four years. Their mother Mary Black, 28, has been working as a Bar-maid in Awasi township and has gotten married to some of her clients. However she has not managed to keep any of her husbands. This is her fifth husband. She is beautiful and the clients love her. They particularly love her soft speaking voice and gentle demeanor. Her smile is bewitching and the local men cannot resist her.

Last week she got lucky to get another husband, Mr Yuda Aduwo, 30, a farmhand in the neighbouring Chemelil shopping centre. Maria Black, who has a different child with each of the four previous husbands is hopeful that this time her marriage will work.

She however admits that  she already misses the bar but she must persevere at home as her new husband has promised to take her children to school.

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