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All because of love

Victor was in serious trouble. His one day marriage was about to end. The more tears he shed, the more contemptuous his newly wed bride became. His cousin whom he had trusted had betrayed him, showing up just when he needed him to be away.

“I will never forgive you!”She screamed as she packed her suitcase. “Never, never, never!” She shouted as she stepped on her wedding gown and dumped it in the dustbin.

It was all because of Victor’s cousin. The malicious. wretched little rat.

When Victor’s cousin came at midnight and demanded his household goods including the bed and mattress they were sleeping on, Mercy knew her marriage would not be the lovely bed of roses she had expected it to be. It appeared that the relationship had been built on lies. But if she thought that the lies had ended, she was going to be in for endless surprises. One lie would unfold after another like a layer of soft chapati. Only, they would not be so sweet.They would come in small painful doses and would develop into such a painful boil that when it burst, it would destroy her completely.

Victor kept apologising for the embarassment but Mercy could not understand. He had said he had a surprise for her after their wedding… a new house, fully furnished. He kept repeating at the wedding ceremony…”I am going to give you a beautiful home, a beautiful house, fully furnished. I am doing this for you because I love you.” Now on the night of her wedding, she had discovered that this was not Victor’s house but his friend’s house. And the furniture in this house was all borrowed from Victor’s cousin, Storm, including the bed.

Victor was remorseful. He knew he had blundered but he had not expected Mercy to be so unforgiving, to take it so badly. Men often told lies, but all because of love. Maybe he had taken his lies a little bit far but he had thought if she truly loved him, she would reluctantly forgive him. After all wasn’t love about forgiveness and understanding?

Victor recalled that that was not the only incident where furniture had been borrowed before a wedding to impress the bride. History was rife with the story of a man from Wausu Village who had borrowed a mattress across the valley ahead of his wedding. But three days later, the owner of the mattress showed up at 6 am in the morning  and caused a commotion at the gate.

“My mattress has over-stayed in this home,” he shouted as he clicked and kicked the mabati gate.  The bride and groom were not amused. It was a cold morning and love and romance between the couple was still young and sweet.

The couple dressed quickly and handed over the mattress to its owner amid laughter and jeers from the neighbours. But they never left each other. Their love was greater than a borrowed mattress.

Why hadn’t it worked for Victor? Why, why had he done something so foolish? Why had he lacked the courage to tell her the truth; that the house where he used to court her was Storm’s house? That he had no job and the office from where he would call her was his friend Caesar’s. That he was not the important Sales Executive he had made her believe but a temporary messenger in his Boss’s office. That the whole wedding had been funded by a group of his friends. That the red Limousine parked outside the door was Robert’s?

The moment of reckoning had come. Would she leave him so soon, only a day after the wedding? It was all because of love that he had cheated her…All because of love.

Copyright Omwa Ombara, 2012.

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