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The New Year Messages That Make Me Glad

I did not get many new year messages this year and I felt as if friends and family had abandoned me. But the few that I got on my Mobile have been quite encouraging to me as I plod through this dry and dreary January part of the year.
“I don’t know how to thank you, how good hearted you are. May you live to see God’s faithfulness as you start this year, be blessed.” J.
“If 2012 is going to rain, let it be showers of blessings. If it is not going to be sunny, let it be sunshine to make your life shine. If wind, let it blow good tidings your way. And if dry, let it dry the evil that might come your way. Happy New Year 2012.” C.
“As 2012 starts gaining Momentum, my wish to You is that you Set the most PowerfulGoal/Intention ever. Focus on what you Want, Think only about you Want and only Talk about what You Want. What a man thinketh isn’t a coinage of linguistics, but a reality of life!” G.
“Stars don’t struggle to shine, rivers don’t struggle to flow. You will not struggle to Excel in 2012. Heavens shall cooperate to bring blessings to you. May God mark you for glory, tick you for Honour, note you for Blessings, name you for favour, raise you for wonders. Ps 102:13 may the Lord create a daily surprise in your life 2012.” R. Wow!
Wishing you an amazing year. Thanks too for all your support always. Lots of love. Your nieces M. and T.
“Sometimes we forget to thank those people who made our lives happy in their own simple ways and we fail to tell them how much we appreciate them for being part of our lives before we end 2011. Wish to sincerely thank you for being part of my success story . May you live to enjoy in 2012, with good health, God’s favour and blessings.” E.
‘Happy New Year!” Otoyo.
“My friend indeed, 2011 has had its challenges but we look forward to 2012 with hope for peace and prosperity and that is what I wish you my friend. Happy New Year!” B.
“Thanks for your wish and rememberance! I am happy that God has kept us through many hard times and seen us through into a new year. May it be a superb year to you. Happy New Year.” D.

“Let us give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. He has done great things, let us bless His Holy Name. Best wishes for the New Year.” D.

“May you have a prosperous and blessed new year too. Be blessed.” L.

“As we come to the end of 2011, I’ve raised a Tree in my heart and instead of hanging presents I’ve put names great friends that I love and appreciate much. Friends who made 2011 bearable, gave some meaning, and appreciated me even when I was wrong. Its a tree with very DEEP roots and STRONG branches and these names can’t be easily shaken off.  I’m glad your name is BOLDLY written on this special TREE. May 2012 bring you as much joy, peace, love and blessings.” A.

“Look back and thank God. Look forward and trust God. Look around and serve God. God opens doors no man can close. May God open doors for you as you usher in the New Year,”. S.

I don’t really care whether some of these messages are original or not. They just make me happy. They give me hope. They inspire me. They encourage me. Thanks to my family and friends for sparing a thought for me in the New Year. I have printed these messages and placed them on my wall. They cheer me up every time a negative feeling creeps into my life or whenever I feel discouraged. Happy New Year!

Copyright, Omwa Ombara 2012.



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