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Children complain over female teachers

Children in danger as female teachers mete violence

Pupils at a Primary School in Siaya County claim their lives are in danger following consistent corporal punishment by some of the female teachers at the School. Most of the pupils interviewed by the writer said they were terrified, especially of female teachers who beat them with thick rods and abused them verbally as well.

Some of the pupils in the School acknowledged that although the male teachers were reasonable and humane and gave them punishments that befitted the crime, the female teachers had shown uncontrollable emotions and beat them up without any reason.

One Class Five pupil, Jack Omondi, 11, became a victim of violence when a the female head teacher beat the boy senseless after he touched his female classmate with a piece of chalk. This is one way in which adolescent male pupils playfully approach girls in the village to express romantic interest. The boy is also alleged to have laughed in class during one of the lessons.

The boy, described as a “voiceless” orphan by the area councillor has not been performing well in School due to social challenges. Describing him as a “problem child” one of the teachers told the writer that Omondi’s mother has been getting married on and off to different men in different villages and this abandonment had killed the child’s self esteem.
Omondi ran away from School last December but after counselling by Ministry of Education officials, he is now back in School and working hard.
The female teachers in the School were also counselled and the pupils are now hoping that they will beating them indiscriminately.

Research published by the Education Ministry has in the past revealed that most Primary School dropouts were caused by hostile female teachers.

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