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Who Stole my sleep?

It was already 3.14 am and yet I could not find my dearest darling sleep. Where was she? I turned and tossed in my warm bed like a rolled chapati, ready for a frying pan, hoping I would get hold of my lost love. Who stole my sleep? I sniffed just in case the thief was not very far off and I could hopefully smell the familiar scent of my night companion . I kicked my legs in the air as my feet got entangled in the sheets, hoping I would soon smell it, hoping my wretched and tired feet would find rest at last but it was only wishful thinking. I realised to my disappointment that someone had stolen my lovely sleep.
I had read about people complaining of insomnia and often heaved a sigh of relief, glad that sleep never eluded me. I wondered how someone could stay awake at night when sleep always overwhelmed me by 10 pm, often taking me with her to sleep-land even when I needed to finish some work. Oh such deep respect Lady sleep always gave me whenever I knocked on her door, such a sweet welcoming kiss!
So if someone stole my sleep how could I get to sleepy land, that quiet and peaceful city of the sleepy-eyed dwellers who minded their own business and caused nobody no harm.
Sweet sleep city, where one simply closed their sleepy eyes and took the flight with the lady of the night to destination rest. The city without war and hunger.
I rubbed my red eyes, blinked in the darkness, hoping I could catch at least one of my forty winks, even catch a glimpse of my love of the night but all I could see was darkness.
I remembered the lullabies my mother would sing to me as she gently put me to sleep. I would be scared to death, a six year-old child so very scared of the thunder and lightening that would accompany the rains in the shores of Lake Vicky.
“Go to sleep, little Baby Titi, Go to sleep Little Titi Sleep. Mama is here.Baba is here. Sister is Here. Brother is here. Go to sleep, Little Baby Titi, God’s real tears are falling from the sky…”
Gently, gently Mama would hush me and I would fall into a deep gentle sleep.
Then, nobody stole my sleep and she would let me stay with her as long as I wanted until Mama came and woke me up to prepare me for School.
When I woke up I did not remember what sleep had told me or if she had sent me to say anything to anybody but for some reason I did not understand, I had a special love for her, a special bond that I could not share with anyone. She made me feel very happy.
All my life, sleep had been to me a loyal companion, a friend I could trust, a friend I could rely on,always ready to welcome me home everyone night no matter how late, no matter how tired I was. The last person I would visit every night, sometimes long after I had said my bedside prayers was sweet welcoming sleep..
Now someone had stolen my sleep and I simply did not know what to do.
Did she leave me, abandon me because I had taken her for granted? Had I been ungrateful? Why did she abandon me for another? Oh sleep, I begged her forgiveness. Please come back to me…I will no longer go out dancing late in the night as you wait by my bedside. I will not read my novel until 2 am as you hang on to my pillow. I will not watch the midnight news as you beg me to join you in bed.
My darling darling sleep. Please forgive my thoughlessness and be my friend again.
I had only two hours to sleep before getting ready for work.
It is 4.11 am and I have not found my baby, sleep. I make an appeal to you dear readers that whoever stole my sleep should kindly return her. Please tell her that Titi waits for her at home, restless, worried that she may not be found soon. I have no cash reward. But I will request sleep to always be kind and considerate to you who finds her.

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  1. ha ha ha, the sleep should just here you…its aloud call

    September 19, 2011 at 6:45 am

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